Note: Takdah Water Purification 2010-05

Water Purification Plant for monastic school of Shamar Rinpoche in Takdah ,Darjeeling,IndiaNote: Water Purification Plant for monastic school of Shamar Rinpoche in Takdah ,Darjeeling,India
May 2010: The new water purification system has been installed and gives enough drinking water for the about 100 people at the school.

Note: First medical camp Nunnery Kathmandu

tn120 20100500 KTM NunsMedcamp DSC08664Note: First medical camp at nunnery of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in Kathmandu/Nepal
May 2010: Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche´s nuns self-organizing their first medical camp...

Presentation Film at DW-Centre Liverpool/GB 2010-04

tn120 20100425 LiverpoolGroup 0PC0119April 25, 2010: KHCP-EU-Tour Stopover #3 - Film evening in Liverpool/UK
During the last days of April Pia and Peter Cerveny, directors of the Karmapa Healthcare Project, visited the north west of the UK to inform about their work and share some of their videos documenting the activity of our Asian and Western teachers.

Presentation Film/Invitation by Lama Jampa Thaye 2010-04

tn120 loc manchester IMG 5369Apr 26-28, 2010: KHCP-EU-Tour #4 - Film Evening at Kagyu Ling in Manchester/UK
Karmapa’s Healthcare Project Film Evening at Kagyu Ling: At the invitation of Lama Jampa Thaye, Pia and Peter Cerveny, directors of the Karmapa’s Healthcare Project, recently came to Kagyu Ling in Manchester to introduce their work to our dharma community...

Presentation in Dhagpo Kagyu Ling/France 2010-04

tn120 20100419 DKL KHCP 0PC0115April 16- 22, 2010: KHCP-EU-Tour #2 - Film Presentation at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in St.Leon/France
We were able to present the work of Karmapa´s Healthcare Project as part of Jigme Rinpoche's meditation course...

Medical Camp Rumtek 2010-04

tn120 loc shamarpa houseApril 20, 2010: First Medical Camp in Rumtek/Sikkim/India

KHCP provided a medical camp in Rumtek, Sikkim/India. A joint campaign of the 3 institutes - Karmapa´s nuns, Karmapa´s monks and the monks of Nedo Rinpoche...

Annual Report 2009


tn120 PDF logoAnnual Report 2009
Karmapa's project is already 4 years of age. This recent year was full of beneficial developments... Sherab Gyaltsen's monks and nuns as well as his monk school have been added to the agenda and we now take care of health care in 9 institutions in the Himalayas, comprising more than 600 Kagyu friends. On top of that, we run our annual medical camp in Bodhgaya during the Kagyu Monlam, attempting to help more than 3000 friends attending.

Presentation Film/Information desk in Hong Kong 2010-02

tn120 20081107 HKG 8PC6205 rPCFebr. 2010: Film Presentation/Information desk at Bodhipath Centre in Hong Kong

Presentations and works meetings in Kathmandu 2010-02

tn120 20100221 KTM Dinner 0PC9924Febr. 2010: Presentations and works meetings in Swayambhu/Kathmandu
works meeting with Sabchu Rinpoche of Mahavihar Swayambhu in order to restructure our activities there...we visited Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche before he starts his retreat... works meeting with Beru Khyentse Rinpoche to plan medical facility in his monastery Bodhgaya...Meeting with the nuns of Hasantar...Presentation of KHCP while Lama Oles treachings... dinner

Khenpo-Graduation Kalimpong 2010-02

tn120 20100308 Kalimpong ShamarpaGroupFebr. 2010:  Khenpo-graduation at the Shedra Kalimpong/India
The Shedra, which was founded by Shamar Rinpoche, is by now attended by 124 Students. All examened 34 of them received their diploma by Shamar Rinpoche...

Works meeting/Presentation Takdah 2010-02

KHCP-works meeting and film presentation at Shamar Rinpoche´s school in Takdah Darjeeling IndiaFebr. 16-17, 2010: KHCP-works meeting and film presentation at Shamar Rinpoche´s school in Takdah/Darjeeling/India.
...Lungrik shows Pia and Karma Sherab the KHCP-recording book of actions ...Together we enjoy watching films and pictures of Bodhgaya, Europe and the KHCP. After joining the Great Mahakala Puja we travel on to Kalimpong.

Presentation/works meeting KIBI Delhi 2010-02

kibi 2011KHCP-Film Presentation/Works Meeting at K.I.B.I. in New Delhi/India
Febr. 2010: KHCP-Presentation and works meeting with Karmapa and Shamarpa at K.I.B.I...  We arrive in Delhi on the day before Losar, Tibetan New Year. It is the last Mahakala-day. In the KIBI, Nedo Kultrum Rinpoche directs the ceremonies. During our tour, a lot of new questions had arisen and so, we are very glad that Karmapa could take some time