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The Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V., abbreviated KHCP e.V. is a non-profit charitable association, which is based on donations, willingness to help and Western scientific knowledge.
The Project pursues a humanitarian approach and not a religious missionary approach.
100% of the donations are used for medicine, equipment, surgeries and services of local doctors. All Western helpers, including the board of directors, are unpaid volunteers who work without compensation.

In close collaboration with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, the KHCP was founded in Kalimpong, India in 2005 and was officially registered as a non-profit charitable association in Germany.
In the meantime, more than 26 monasteries , nunneries, orphanages and schools in India and Nepal can be supported.
The KHCP mainly focuses on healthcare, medical prevention and education. Its goal is not only to provide healthcare for the monks and nuns of the monasteries and schools, but also to cater to the needs of the poor local population.
Mobile medical and dental camps are a good method to achieve this goal. At our annual medical camp in Bodhgaya we provide up to 5000 treatments in one week.
In the medium term, we have planned to have small health centers in the monasteries, which are also supposed to function as contact points for the local population. Already two health centers have been etablished.

  • mobil dental unit in Pokhara HimalayasUsing our mobil dental unit in Pokhara/Himalayasmobil dental unit in Pokhara Himalayas

  • Ultra-sonic screening in KathmanduUltra-sonic screening in KathmanduUltra-sonic screening in Kathmandu


Collaboration with hospitals and health NGOs
Since 2012, a collaboration has developed between Dhulikhel University Hospital Kathmandu with its Director Prof. Dr. Ram Sheestra and the KHCP.
What was at first planned as a medical contact point has now developed to be a platform for a combination between medicine and social work. The following is a short overview of the features planned and already developing:

  • Local doctors and medical staff are hired by the KHCP and also get the opportunity for further training
  • Students of medicine from East and West can do internships with the KHCP
  • Socio-medical topics are developed together
  • Monks and nuns can learn in the environment of Dhulikhel Hospital by being guest observers or by taking part in workshops on medical topics
  • Since the KHCP also puts great emphasis on a social-scientific approach, academic studies can be conducted

For further information please refer to the KHCP website.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or online contact form here >

  • Ultra-sonic screening in KathmanduKHCP direction/doctors/volunteers with direction/doctors of the Dhulikhel University HospitalKHCP colaborates with hospitals and health organisations

  • Ultra-sonic screening in KathmanduOP preparations in Nepal HimalayasOP preparations in Nepal Himalayas


  • Eye examinations and providing glassesEye examinations and providing glassesEye examinations and providing glasses
  • Medical teachings/film presentations in Ladakh/IndiaMedical teachings/film presentations in Ladakh/IndiaMedical teachings/film presentations in Ladakh/India



Since December 2008, in cooperation with our health care professionals, we have been organising large medical camp activities as part of the annual Kagyu Monlam. This has been a great success, counting over 4000 people annually. This activity is to be widened to Nepal by 2011. The helpers on location come from all continents of the world. The medical camp will also form a substantial part of the Monlam in the future, supported by the Kagyu Monlam committee, the Mahabodhi Society and by local doctors and their hospital.
At the Monlam, all institutes from the Himalayas collaborate to facilitate communication with representatives, ensuring that the best possible support and modern health care is provided in all the institutes.
Furthermore, in the medium term, we will be building a hospital complex in the surroundings of other Karmapa institutes. We are in the planning phase and are hoping for the necessary support. We are constantly looking for medical advisors as well as donations for these projects.

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  • KHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya/IndiaKHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya/IndiaKHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya

  • KHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya/IndiaKHCP-medical team Bodhgaya 2011KHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya


Further Activities

If you would like to invite us for a presentation evening, just get in touch with us. We are happy to come to centres, companies and institutions to show films and inform.

From the depth of our hearts, we would like to thank all donators, helpers, translators and our team of health professionals for all their idealistic work. We hope that it will be of use to all of us.

Best wishes, Pia, Peter and the team of KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V.

  • KHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya/IndiaKHCP information desk and photo exhibition in FranceKHCP-medical camp in Bodhgaya



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