Medical Camp Kalimpong 2008-08

KHCPAug.12, 2008:  KHCP-Medical Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/India
The 120 students at Karmapa´s Mahavihar (University) in Kalimpong did their first self-organized medicalcamp. All monks of the University got a profound check and treatment. The dentist who worked for the KHCP since 3 years, a classical doctor and a doctor for tibetian medicine did a great job.

Buddhism meets science at UKE University hospital Hamburg 2008-07

Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and the KHCP visits the Uni-clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf UKESherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and the KHCP visits the Uni-clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf UKE
July 29, 2008: A nice collaboration starts between Karmapas Healthcare Project (KHCP)and the UKE, who invited Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche for a health checkup...

Annual Report 2007

tn120 PDF logoAnnual Report 2007
Gyalwa Karmapa Europe-Tour.. ..In Asia the journey continued for Losar, the Tibetan New Year to all Kagyü-locations. There we met all the representatives of all the institutes and monasteries and supplied medicine, spectacles, money and many pictures of our documentary on "KARMAPA in EUROPE"...

Annual Report 2006

tn120 PDF logoAnnual Report 2006

KHCP-Winter-Tour 2005/06

KHCP-Wintertour 2005/2006 SwayambhuKHCP-Wintertour 2005/2006 - "How it began!" - the first activity report
After Gyalwa Karmapa founding the KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project with us in Oct. 2005 we travelled again to Asia two month later to start with the first campaigns at the stupa/monastery of Swayambhu/Kathmandu/Nepal. Then we went to Kalimpong/North India for installing a generator and organizing a grand vaccination for all students/staff of the Shedra, Karmapa´s university...