Annual Report 2014

tn120 PDF logoAnnual Report 2014:
...a medical camp for Shamarpa´s cremation in Kathmandu and offer help for thousands of people who paid their last respects to him... over the year there were further numerous medical and dental camps at our institutes, monasteries and schools in the Himalayas... Conforming with the wishes of Karmapa and Shamarpa, many "Western" friends were able to develop their social activity and help at KHCP's Mönlam medical camp last December. Almost 50 helpers from many nations treated more than 3000 people in just one week... In 2014 KHCP was proud to collect about 53.000 Euros...

Medical Camp Kagyu Monlam Bodhgaya 2014

khcp monlam medical camp12/2014: 7th KHCP-Medical Camp in Bodhgaya/India
The Kagyu Monlam 2014 took place between December 15 and 21, with thousands of devotees in attendance... For the 7th time this year, the KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project provided free medical checkups and healthcare for participants in the Monlam as well as the local population. Over 3,000 patients were treated by 40 voluntary helpers: physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, Tibetan medicine, acupuncturists, nurses, assistants, organisers and helpers...

Note: Water purification for Monastery Rumtek

tn120 20130101 rumtek waterpur2Water treatment plant at monastery/school of Nedo Rinpoche in Rumtek/Sikkim
Febr. 2013: Every year, the KHCP tries to set up specialised projects that help improve the healthcare situation in situ. This way Nedo Rinpoche’s monks in Rumtek received a budget for the installation of a water treatment plant. Now they  sent us their pictures of the new installation here.

Medical Camp Muktinath 2014-04

tn120 20140427 muktinath medicalcamp 840104-2014: Medical camp in Shangpa Rinpoche´s nunnery Muktinath/Nepal
Here at 3800 m altitude medical services are provided by Karmapa´s Healthcare Project/Dhulikhel Hospital and the people living in Muktinath are invited as well, of course...

Medical Camp Pokhara SGRM 2014-04

tn120 20140426 pokhara sgrm medicalcamp 804204-2014: KHCP-DHK-Medical Camp at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's monastery Pokhara/Nepal
Medical services and teachings have been provided by Karmapa´s Healthcare Project/Dhulikhel Hospital at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's Monastery in Pokhara/Nepal...

Medical Camp Pokhara JCM 2014-04

20140422 pokhara jcm medicalcamp04-2014: KHCP-DHK-Medical Camp at Shangpa Rinpoche's monastery Pokhara/Nepal
Medical services and teachings have been provided by Karmapa´s Healthcare Project/Dhulikhel Hospital at Shangpa Rinpoche's monastery in Pokhara/Nepal...

Medical Camp Leh/Ladakh 2014-04

tn120 20140404 ladakh medicalcamp P4049265KHCP-Medical and Dental Camp in Leh/Ladakh/India, April 2014
for monks and young disciples of Rigjung Residential School and Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery on 3600m altitude, working temperatures between -10°C and 5°C, general checkups for 300 children/200 lay-people, 135 dental checkups, 105 teeth extractions, hygiene and dental instructions to 370 students (4-18y) of the school...

Medical Camp during cremation of Shamarpa Kathmandu 2014-07

tn120 20140731 ktm sharminub group 1716Medical camp at Sharminub Monastery, Kathmandu/Nepal 2014-07
July 18-31, 2014: KHCP-DHK provided a medical camp during the cremation ceremony of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche in Kathmandu. Our team consist on medical professions from Kathmandu and Europe.

Medical Camp Kathmandu Nunnery 2013-10

tn120 20131031 hasantar medicalcamp 9125Note: Medical camp at nunnery of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in Kathmandu/Nepal
Oct. 2013: The KHCP-DHK-medical team performed medical checkups for the nuns of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in Kathmandu...

Medical Camp Kathmandu 2014-02

tn120 20140327 ktm dentalcamp 3775KHCP-DHK-Medical- Dental- and Optician Camps at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's Mani Temple in Kathmandu
March 10-12, 2014: Like last year, the KHCP again organized a medical camp during Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's grand Chenrezig accumulation for the more than 2000 practitioners. With the fruitful collaboration with the Dhulikhel Hospital from Kathmandu and the cooperation with the Manang-Social-Services-Committee we could again carry out plenty hundreds of treatments...

Medical Camp Kalimpong 2013-09

tn120 20130910 shedra checkups 1Medical Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/India/Westbengal
Sept. 10, 2013: Shedra-monks doing their annual medical camp . All monks of the University got a profound check and treatment by the 3 doctors from Kalimpong. After that some medical lectures had been provided...

Shamar Rinpoche passing away 2014-06

tn120 shamar rinpoche14th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche passed away
On June 11, 2014 the 14th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche died suddenly in Germany at the age of 62. He had just completed several days of teachings at his main European seat in Renchen-Ulm, Germany....Cremation in Kathmandu...