Friendship-Tour 2012-01

tn120 20120101 LaCrosseA joint project of KHCP-Karmapas Healthcare Project
and students of the University La Crosse Wisconsin

In January 2012 the US-medical group of the University Wisconsin did their KHCP-tour and visited most of the Karma Kagyü monasteries and schools. Watch the photo gallery here ...

Medical Camp Kagyu Monlam Bodhgaya 2011

tn120 20111220 monlam group 85512/2011: 4th KHCP-Medicalcamp in Bodhgaya/India
The Kagyu Mönlam 2011 took place between December 14 and 20, with approximately 11,000 devotees in attendance... For the fourth time this year, the KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project provided free medical checkups and healthcare for participants in the Mönlam as well as the local population...

Note: Donation Kunert 2011

tn120 20111215 monlam p685August, 2011: Kunert GmbH donates for schools/monasteries in the Himalayas

We thank the company KUNERT Fashion GmbH & Co. KG in Immenstadt/Germany for their regularly donations of socks.

Note: Meeting Clinic Room Kathmandu 2011-11


tn120 20111002 KHCP KTM 0239Note: Kathmandu/Nepal, Nov 02, 2011 - KHCP- works meeting with Manang Trust and local doctors
A nice works meeting of the KHCP-team (doctors), the direction of the Manang Trust and local doctors took place. All together we visited the new common clinic room at Swayambhu, Kathmandu. Here we talked how to install the furniture and medical stuff. Mobile units will enable dental treatments, ENT and general medicine.

Note: Dental Unit

tn120 20111004 KHCP Pokhara 0293Note: Second Mobile Dental Unit for Use in India:
Our first dental unit is being used successfully: we thank the company DTS Design Dental Technical Systems for their generous pricing. At this time, we are raising funds for a second unit, which we will need for logistic reasons.

Medical Research Muktinath 2011-10

tn120 201110 paula muktinath 7808Oct, 2011: Physio research at Shangpa Rinpoche´s nunnery in Muktinath
We conducted initial research to find out with what types of musculoskeletal conditions the nuns at Muktinath suffered , and how they would best benefit from physiotherapy treatment and training. ...then were asked to write down the answers, and then discuss them within the larger group...

Medical Camp Jomson 2011-10

KHCP-Medical Camp in Jomson Mustang NepalKHCP-Medical Camp in Jomson/Mustang/Nepal

Medical Camp Kalimpong 2011-10

KHCP-Medical Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/IndiaOct. 9-10, 2008:  KHCP-Medical Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/India
The 120 students at Karmapa´s Mahavihar (University) in Kalimpong did their first self-organized medicalcamp. All monks of the University got a profound check and treatment. The dentist who worked for the KHCP since 3 years, a classical doctor and a doctor for tibetian medicine did a great job.

Note: Works Meeting Kathmandu 2011-10

tn120 20111009 KHCP KTM p494Note: Kathmandu/Nepal, Oct. 9, 2011 - KHCP- works meeting with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche
Just arrived from our medicalcamp in Mustang we meet Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in Kathmandu. We talk about news and plans of the project at his places here in Kathmandu. With Lama Phuntsok and Lama Lekshey we plan the school issues. (VIDEO-HNY-Wishes by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche).

Medical Camp Muktinath 2011-10

tn120 20111009 KHCP Mustang Group 092910-2011: Medicalcamp in Shangpa Rinpoche´s nunnery Muktinath/Nepal
After a cumbersome ascent in an SUV, the team of Shangpa Rinpoche arrives in Muktinath. In the evening, dinner with Rinpoche and all his nuns in friendly atmosphere. After, we introduce ourselves to each other while Rinpoche translates and emphasizes the importance of the project. The medical camp start the following day at 3800 m altitude. The next 2 day, medical services are provided and the people living in Muktinath are invited as well. Shangpa Rinpoche invites us to a pilgrimage afterwards.

Medical Camp Pokhara 2011-10

Medicalcamp in Shangpa Rinpoche´s monastery Pokhara/Nepal10-2011: Medical Camp in Shangpa Rinpoche´s monastery Pokhara/Nepal
After successful transfer of our new dental unit we were able to repair and clean teeth professionally for the first time under the supervision of our dentist Regina - a great success. Other members of the team were two further General Practitioners, a Physical Therapist and helpers, therefore we could serve not only all monks in the JCMonastery (now members of the KHCP) but also monks of the neighbouring Sakya Monastery and Tibetan refugees from the village. After all we went on a pilgrimage to Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's Monastery.

KHCP meets Rotary Club/Rotaract

tn120 20110917 khcp rotary 8632KHCP-Presentation at Rotary Club and new optician-team
In 2010 KHCP for the first time was able to supply optical glasses to our friends at the Medicalcamp at Moenlam due to a Donation by Apollo and Klemann. Having heard of our work Rotaract, the Youthorganization of Rotary, started collecting glasses among the Members of Rotary in the south of Germany. Within only a few months they were able to collect the amazing amount of more than 1.500 glasses in excellent condition which were donated to KHCP...