Medical Camp Takdah 2012-03

Dental- and Optician Camp in Takdah/Darjeeling/IndiaKHCP-Medical- and Dental Camp in Takdah/Darjeeling/India
The KHCP-team provided dental treatments as well as hygiene, first aid and dental instructions for Shamarpa´s young students.

Medical Camp Kalimpong 2012-03

KHCP-Medical- Dental- and Optician Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/IndiaKHCP-Medical- Dental- and Optician Camp at Shedra Kalimpong/India
The KHCP-team provided profound medical and eye examinations, dental treatments and teachings for the students of the Buddhist University. The work in numbers: 114 patients, 17 teeth extractions and 46 fillings, 56 optical checkups with provided glasses, First Aid, hygiene and dental instructions ...

Medical Camp Leh/Ladakh 2012-03

KHCP-Dental- and Optician Camp in Leh/Ladakh/IndiaKHCP-Medical- Dental- and Optician Camp in Leh/Ladakh/India
for monks and young disciples at Rigjung Residential School and Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery on 3600m altitude, working temperatures between -15°C and 5°C, 350 general checkups, 260 teeth extractions and 250 reparations, 120 optical checkups with 100 provided glasses, hygiene instructions to 19 teachers of the school...

Medical Camp KIBI Delhi 2012-03

KHCP-Dental- and Optician Camp at K.I.B.I. in New Delhi/IndiaKHCP-Dental- and Optician Camp at K.I.B.I. in New Delhi/India
...our physicians Susanne and Philip gave first aid and hygiene teaching to the residential monks of the KIBI. Later, short before Karmapa´s course, the KHCP provide profound eye examination and dental treatments. Pia and Peter had a long works meeting with Jigme Rinpoche (Secretary of H.H.Karmapa). Rinpoche emphasized the importance of this social project of Karmapa and he renewed the KHCP as the leading project in the charity/health section and together they talked about the new duties.

Medical Camp Kathmandu 2012-03

KHCP-Medical Camps at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's Manang GompaKHCP-Medical Camps at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche's Manang Gompa
and Sershang Orphanage of Chogyal Rinpoche in Kimdol/Kathmandu

With the fruitful colaboration of the KHCP-physicians with the Manang-Social-Services-Committee and their physicians and the new cooperation with "Dentist & Friends" from Munich as well the launching of our new optician team we could manage hundreds of treatments.

Friendship-Tour 2012-01

tn120 20120101 LaCrosseA joint project of KHCP-Karmapas Healthcare Project
and students of the University La Crosse Wisconsin

In January 2012 the US-medical group of the University Wisconsin did their KHCP-tour and visited most of the Karma Kagyü monasteries and schools. Watch the photo gallery here ...

Medical Camp Kagyu Monlam Bodhgaya 2011

tn120 20111220 monlam group 85512/2011: 4th KHCP-Medicalcamp in Bodhgaya/India
The Kagyu Mönlam 2011 took place between December 14 and 20, with approximately 11,000 devotees in attendance... For the fourth time this year, the KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project provided free medical checkups and healthcare for participants in the Mönlam as well as the local population...

Note: Donation Kunert 2011

tn120 20111215 monlam p685August, 2011: Kunert GmbH donates for schools/monasteries in the Himalayas

We thank the company KUNERT Fashion GmbH & Co. KG in Immenstadt/Germany for their regularly donations of socks.

Note: Meeting Clinic Room Kathmandu 2011-11


tn120 20111002 KHCP KTM 0239Note: Kathmandu/Nepal, Nov 02, 2011 - KHCP- works meeting with Manang Trust and local doctors
A nice works meeting of the KHCP-team (doctors), the direction of the Manang Trust and local doctors took place. All together we visited the new common clinic room at Swayambhu, Kathmandu. Here we talked how to install the furniture and medical stuff. Mobile units will enable dental treatments, ENT and general medicine.