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Sharminub Institute - Retreat Center of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche in Kathmandu/Nepal

Since 2013 supported by KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project


Sharminub Institute for Buddhist Studies is nestled in the hills above Kathmandu by the coveted Raniban “Queen’s Forest”. The project is the brainchild of the late 14th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche in collaboration with Dr. Ramesh Dhungel, a renowned Buddhist Scholar and the foremost historian on the lineage of the Shamarpa “Red Hat” lamas.

Shamar Rinpoche’s vision was to build a world-class institution of advanced studies in Buddhist history, philosophy, and practices and Himalayan languages, cultures, ecology, and geopolitics for both lay and monastic students. Currently, Sharminub Institute is organized as an advanced Master’s degree program through the Lumbini College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies and serving also as shedra for advanced classical Buddhist studies for lamas of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

But once built, Sharminub Institute will be much more than just a classroom for students. It will be a place for advanced research and the translation of important Buddhist texts into Nepali and western languages. The campus will house an extensive comparative religions library, where scholars of all religious traditions can gather to learn and engage in constructive discourse.

There will be several large meeting halls for both domestic and international conferences. A commercial center is planned to meet the shopping needs of both the campus and the surrounding community and generate a source of income for the Institute so that it can be financially self-sustaining. At the top of the campus, with sweeping views of the Kathmandu Valley, there will be a resort to house short-term guests and international workers with an elegant rooftop restaurant.

More information how to finish Shamar Rinpoche’s dream refer the website >>

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  • Sharminub Institute - Retreat CenterSharminub Institute - Retreat CenterSharminub Institute - Retreat Center
  • Sharminub Institute - Retreat CenterSharminub Institute with administrative building/clinic room in 2016 (marked)Sharminub Institute under construction


  • works meeting of Shamar Rinpoche and KHCPWorks meeting of Shamar Rinpoche and KHCP in 2011works meeting of Shamar Rinpoche and KHCP

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About the KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

Since 2008 Karmapa´s Healthcare Project has frequently met with Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche to exchange project news.

In 2011, Pia and Peter Cerveny again had a working meeting with H.H. Among other issues he agreed to install a clinic room at his new retreat center in Raniban/Kathmandu. The wish was to offer medical services not only to the monastic members but also to the local population, especially during grand events by the Sharminub Center.

In 2014 Shamar Rinpoche passed away.
During the two weeks of cremation ceremonies the KHCP-DHK provided a grand medical camp here in Raniban/Kathmandu. The team consisted on medical professions from Kathmandu and Europe. They could treat hundreds of people every day.

In 2016 KHCP-Karmapa Healthcare Project founded a medical care station here in Sharminub Institute of Shamar Rinpoche in cooperation with Sharminub Foundation and Dhulikel University Hospital Kathmandu. Organisiert und personell ausgestattet wird das KHCP eine kostenlose Grundversorgung nicht nur für die Lehrer, Mitarbeitern und Studenten des Instituts sicherstellen können, sondern auch den Bewohnern des angrenzenden Dorfes eine bessere Gesundheitskontrolle ermöglichen. Schrittweise wird die dauernde Präsenz von Krankenpflegern sowie bedarfsorientiert auch von Ärzten ausgebaut. Wir nutzen dazu in der ersten Phase das Untergeschoss des Verwaltungsgebäudes und haben es entsprechend ausgestattet. The opening happened in May 2016. The KHCP organized the first medicine camp with help of our doctor team of Dhulikel University Hospital.


Opening of the KHCP medical room at Sharminub Center 2016

  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaThe initial clinic room in 2016ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaFirst health campaign in spring 2016 (KHCP-Dhulikel team)khcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaMaster plan of the clinic roomskhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa


Medical camp of the KHCP at Sharminub Center 2014

  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaKudung of Shamar Rinpoche arrives Kathmandukhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaThe altarktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaThousands of devotees doing prayers every day...khcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa


  • ktm shamirnub shamarpa... and meanwhile the KHCP starts its medical campkhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpa... with hundreds of urgent treatments every daykhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpa khcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa


  • ktm shamirnub shamarpa khcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpa khcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaThe medical team after their two-weeks-jobkhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa


  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaA large crowd of people watching the final ceremonykhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaPujas around the kudung before the cremationkhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa
  • ktm shamirnub shamarpaKarmapa Thaye Dorje throws a kattak into the firekhcp ktm shamirnub shamarpa



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