Monastery Leh - Karma Dupgyud Choeling

KDC Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery, Leh/Ladakh/India
Monastery of Chime Tulku Rinpoches

Since 2008 supported by KHCP


In 1967 during the visit of H. H. The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje to Ladakh, the location of monastery was then blessed sanctified by H. H. The Karmapa.
Later, in the year 1973 H.H. The Karmapa has instructed Ven. Choeje Chime Rinpoche to establish a Karma Kagyu centre in the region. He further narrated that the Buddha’s teaching is an only source of benefit and happiness of sentient beings. And, it can also benefit to restore develop the degenerated religion culture in all respect. Following the instruction of H. H. the Karmapa, HE. Chime Rinpoche had taken up the responsibility, sparing no efforts in materializing the wishes of H.H. the Karmapa; in spite of lack of availability of fund he went on to successfully construct the monastery without minding the costs hardship involved.

In 1976 the monastery was completed with its religious receptacles. At the same time, the holy Sangha community was also established. Although, there were some twenty five novice monks enrolled in the beginning. As of now, there are some sixty monks residing in the Monastery.

Educational system

Basically, one has to thoroughly study the entire rituals based on Karma Kagyud lineage, which, includes the twelve tantrik mandalas. Apart from that, priority has been given to those interested monks to pursue their further studies in other monastic institutions retreat centres in India.


The Monastery has felt the needs and the importance of modern education along with the traditional Monastic Education, started small school in the year 1997 with one visiting teacher and one class room conducting the class all together irrespective of their age and standard. It grows gradually and now the monastery is able to provide two permanently employed visiting teachers with three class rooms. The monks not only are instructed in the practice of Karma Kagyu tradition only, but also receive a basic modern education.

  • ktm The monastery in 3700m altitudeThe monastery in 3700m altitudekhcp The monastery in 3700m altitude
  • Chime Tulku RinpocheYoung Chime Tulku RinpocheChime Tulku Rinpoche


  • The class after lectureThe class after lectureThe class after lecture

  • Lama Dances at LosarLama Dances at LosarLama Dances at Losar

Currently there are about fourty monk students receiving education and being trained in various subjects. In addition to memorizing prayers and rituals texts, they also learn to play instruments and how to make tormas. Beside Buddhist philosophy they have Tibetan, English, Hindi languages and math classes. Examinations were held periodically and monk students were also upgraded annually according to their performance.

Annual Puja:

The annual Mani Thung Chur Puja (One million times mantra recitation) is being organized and performed in the first holy month of Tibetan Calendar. The puja commenced with fasting (Nyungney) effectively from 14th & 15th of the month every year.
Similarly, the annual Puja (Gutor) of Karma Dupgyud Choeling begins from 22nd day of eight month of Tibetan Calander, equivalent to October. The puja continuous for fourteen days/nights propitiating the Mahakala, the main Dharma protector. On 28th the rehearsal dance is performed and on 29th the Vajra Dance (mask Dance) in performed extensively. The day starts with grand religious ceremony and witnessed by large number of devotees. At the end of the Vajra dance the large effigy of Mahakala is set on fire to mark the conclusion of annual festivity. On 30th the public empowerment is organized followed by grand thanks giving ceremony. Besides that, the regular puja is held on every 10th and 29th of the month. Altogether, puja dedicated to various deities is being held for seventy eight days in a year.


Experience with the KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

Letter by the direction:

"Someone has rightly said that “If wealth is lost something is lost and if health is lost everything is lost”.

Karmapas Healthcare Project initiated by Mrs. Pia and Mr. Peter Cerveny, has been working commendably particularly in the interest of health and mankind in general for last many years. Taking this opportunity we would like to thank them for their dedication and also all the donators for their helping hand in achieving its goals. We are confident that this kind of work will grow further. We are also fascinated by this new idea as health is very important in one’s life. Under the shade of this project the monastery is now able to provide medicines and doctor’s consultation fee at free of cost to all the monks of the monastery. The fund is also being used for purchasing essential commodities like soap, tooth paste, detergent, and eatables including eggs and fruits periodically.

We have gain lots from this project and would like to appeal all the devotees and well wishers to kindly support this project economically to promote its humanitarian work in every corner. Lastly we wish you all the best and keep the good work going on.
The KDC-Monastery"

  • The lamas, monks, teachers and the KHCP-medical teamThe lamas, monks, teachers and the KHCP-medical team 2011The lamas, monks, teachers and the KHCP-medical team
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  • Medical/hygiene teachings by nursesMedical/hygiene teachings by nursesMedical/hygiene teachings by nurses
  • After the final partyAfter the final "party"After the final party


The KHCP provided diverse medical campaigns here. Detailed reports you find on our BLOG.

For their annual medical care budget every small donation is welcome.

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