Medical Camp Rumtek 2013-03


Medical/Dental Camp in Rumtek/Sikkim/India

Venue: Nedo Rinpoche’s monastery in Rumtek (1510m altitude)
Date: March 4-6, 2013

“Here, we were warmly welcomed by Nedo Rinpoche. In his monastery we were accommodated very pleasantly and were catered for with great hospitality.
Our medical team consisted of three physicians and one nurse. Dr. Regina Oettke, the dentist, had more than enough to do. She examined all monks and nuns and treated those who needed treatment.
We also examined the 36 students of the neighboring state school, who were really in need of medical care, particularly because none of them had healthy teeth. We carried out a teeth brushing training and hygiene teaching and distributed tooth brushes and tooth paste, but there is certainly more need for action. Especially dental care is rather problematic, as also Nedo Rinpoche told us. The nearest dentist is located in far away Gangtok and it is not possible for everybody to go there or to pay for the treatment.” Angelika Leist

  • His Nedo Rinpoche´s monastery/school in RumtekNedo Rinpoche´s monastery/school in RumtekNedo Rinpoche´s monastery/school in Rumtek

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  • Meeting with Nedo RinpocheMeeting with Nedo Rinpochewith Nedo Rinpoche
  • Angelika providing diverse Angelika providing diverse Angelika providing diverse treatments
  • Dr.dent.ReginaDr.dent.Regina ...Dr.dent.Regina


  • Sven
  • KHCPPrepared for dental teachings ...KHCP


  • KHCPDental teachings...KHCP
  • KHCP...and afterKHCP
  • KHCPNedo Rinpoche, his monks and the KHCP-teamKHCP