Medical Camp Rumtek 2011-05


2.nd Medical/Dental Camp in Rumtek/Sikkim/India:
A joint campaign of the 3 institutes - Karmapa´s nuns, Karmapa´s monks and the monks of Nedo Rinpoche

Venue: Shamar Rinpoches house in Rumtek in Rumtek (1500m altitude)
Date: May 9, 2011

Also this year medical camp took place at Shamar Rinpoches house in Rumtek. As last time the doctor aswell as the dentist came from the Municipal Hospital in Gangtok. They worked in one room and both were thoroughly checking one by one (90 people at the end) and writing notes by themselfes. Mama, Ani Tenzin and Phurba the three responsible were busy in between the doctors, helping with translation and questions. Everything moved smoothly, nobody is seriously ill and we finished the day with a group picture and a late lunch.
Furthermore there was a donation from Switzerland: 121 toothbrushes and toothpastes for everyone.

  • KHCP Nedo Rinpoche monastery school in RumtekNedo Rinpoche´s monastery/school in RumtekKHCP Nedo Rinpoche monastery school in Rumtek

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  • KHCP Serial examinationsSerial examinationsKHCP Serial examinations
  • KHCP The doctor gives advisesThe doctor gives advisesKHCP The doctor gives advises


  • KHCP The dentistThe dentistKHCP The dentist
  • KHCP After the examinationsAfter the examinationsKHCP After the examinations