Donation of books for the schools in the Himalayas 2010-09


Sept. 2010: Grand English-book-donation for the schools in the Himalayas

How came excellent English books to the Himalayas?
The company Inlingua International AG in Bern / Switzerland sponsors our project - which supports some schools and monasteries in the Himalayan region, with books and CDs to teach English.
A friend heard about our project and refreshed her old contacts to Inlingua International, one of the world's leading language training organizations. Inlingua's President Jürg Heiniger is positively impressed about the idea and donates modern English teaching material in the value of CHF 30000. In this way three schools from Darjeeling, Ladakh and Sikkim could benefit from this material and improve their program of study. This is a grand gift, it allows the children and adolescents to get a good education, which is still not evident in the Asian indigent regions. The 500Kg books were flown to Delhi , this happened throughout several weeks by the way of our two friend flight attendants Sandra and Carmen. Storage at the moment is K.I.B.I., the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in Delhi. The books are being transported by diligent helpers one by one to the three above mentioned schools.
As you can see in the pictures, there are happy teachers and students in the East and happy friends in the West. We thank Inlingua International heartily for the fantastic cooperation and the possibility to improve the living conditions of these human beings in Asia. Inlingua International will help the Karmapa's Healthcare Project again, so that the English communication between East and West is better in the future.

Thanks a lot to all helpers!
  • KHCP meets Inlingua in BernKHCP meets Inlingua in Bern, Jürg Heiniger, Peter König und Sarah Kisman (Sales Coordinator)KHCP meets Inlingua in Bern

  • KHCP meets Inlingua in Bern...and presents the Himalaya photos showing how...KHCP meets Inlingua in Bern

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  • KHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh...the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh...KHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh
  • KHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh... at the school in Kathmandu/Nepal...KHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh
  • KHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh...and to the buddhistic class in Takdha/DarjeelingKHCP the new English books arrived in Leh/Ladakh