Shamarpa´s young students moved from Kathmandu to Takdah, Darjeeling /India
Since 2005 the school of Shamar Rinpoche at Swayambhu/Kathmandu/Nepal is supported by KHCP with health campagnes and english teachers. Nowadays the young students of this site moved to Shamarpa´s school in Takdah/Darjeeling/India, which is already KHCP member since 2008. This school is now running through the SDV's administration in Kalimpong.

( Email of Karma Lekshey, SDV Kalimpong)
Dear Pia & Peter,
I hope you everyone are fine of KHCP members and well going in all of your duties, we all in Shedra are fine and doing our studies asusual and kind a bit more busy.
After i receive your letter i went to Takdah for info about the children but due to lack of time i couldn't and  was not able to reply you so asap. About the children i had the conversation with them and they told me about your help and support. Right now there is a english teacher already available from August 14 till coming vacation and if further we need so then we will be the first to inform you.
Yes, the SDV Takdah is also running through our SDV's administration, there we have our graduated monks from here to look after. They are  Lodea Sangpo and Tsering Dorjee and the further help from yours will be done and take responsible by them. The money Lungrik have is to be given later after sometime. With this I am sending you a picture of Swayambuh monks and if you need their names and age or any more details then you can ask me in next mail.
We are very happy from your help and hope to see you soon, Yours Karma Lekshey"

  • Students of Shamarpa´s school in TakdahStudents of Shamarpa´s school in TakdahStudents of Shamarpa´s school in Takdah

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