KHCP-Note and HNY Happy New Year Wishes

Dear friends,
we wish everybody a happy and beneficial New Year 2013 and we are very happy to announce our next KHCP campaigns for Februar - March 2013

  • As usual we start with Medicalcamps in Kathmandu at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoches place together with the Manang community.
  • First time we´ll do a camp at Shamarpa´s new monastery in Raniban.
  • Then our medical-camp-group will split, one half will visits Pokhara and Muktinath ...
  • ... and the other will go up via Kalimpong to Rumtek to help Karmapa´s and Shamarpa´s people in the remote area and continiue with the Rumtek Hospital ...

If you have ideas or you are in the same area and like to help, please contact us.

A Happy New Year wish Pia, Peter, Betzy and the KHCP-team.

  • KHCP Shedra in KalimpongShedra in KalimpongKHCP Shedra in Kalimpong


  • KHCP Medicalcamp Kathmandu 2010Medicalcamp Kathmandu 2010KHCP Medicalcamp Kathmandu 2010

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  • KHCP Medicalcamp Pokhara 2010Medicalcamp Pokhara 2010KHCP Medicalcamp Pokhara 2010


  • KHCP Shangpa Rinpoches nunnery in MuktinathShangpa Rinpoches nunnery in Muktinath (3700m asl)KHCP Shangpa Rinpoches nunnery in Muktinath
  • Shedra in KalimpongShedra in KalimpongShedra in Kalimpong
  • KHCP-team with a part of the patients monks and nuns of RumtekKHCP-team 2012 with a part of the patients (monks and nuns of Rumtek)KHCP-team with a part of the patients monks and nuns of Rumtek