KHCP-Medical Camp in Samar/Upper Mustang/Nepal (4700m asl)

Date: April, 2012:

Due to support by dentist Dr. Regina Oetke and general practitioner Dr. Sven Zimmer of Karmapa’s Healthcare Project, the recent project journey of the "Himalaya-Project" included a 6-day medical camp in Samar.
Report of Dr. dent  Regina Oetke
"Hi there you two! I have returned after a great, impressive tour.
Treating people from Samar and the local villages during six days was really beneficial. The other members of the travelling group went on, trekking to Lomantang. To my opinion, it was a very good idea to stay in one place for some time. This saves a lot of time otherwise spent for unpacking and packing and with the option to monitor patients over some days, one can approach some of the more delicate treatments. People came from villages up to four walking hours away. People on site had allocated patients to specific days. They supported us very well. Cooperation with Anna and Lhakpa was great, it was an immense joy to work there!!!
We thank all participients from the depth of our heart.
Sven will send you a detailed report."

  • old style highway up to Samar 4700m altitute"old style highway" up to Samar 4700m altituteold style highway up to Samar 4700m altitute

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  • Dentist Dr.dent.ReginaDentist Dr.dent.ReginaDentist Dr.dent.Regina

  • KHCP-physician Dr.SvenKHCP-physician Dr.SvenKHCP-physician Dr.Sven

  • Regina, Sven, Nawang and TseringRegina, Sven, Nawang and TseringRegina, Sven, Nawang and Tsering
Dr. Sven Zimmer reports on the work in Samar:
"We had a full week in Samar, supplying the local population with dentist and general praction care. Above a guest house, we had a big, light room with a spectacular view in which patients were treated. This room was available throughout the entire week, so we did not have to pack and unpack our equipment.
People from villages nearby knew that we were coming, days were allocated to each of them. This system did not work out all the time, but still, treatments were well distributed over the week. Especially from a dentist point of view, it was a good idea to stay in one place for  a week as this made secondary treatments and follow-ups possible.
From a GP’s perspective, it was also beneficial, as a life-threatening pneumonia could only be treated sufficiently over such a prolonged period.
As to the results of dentist work, countless filllings were applied and a considerable number of teeth were extracted. Numerous dental cleaning treatments were made, which is a good idea from a prophylactic view. Within the setting available, root treatments were not possible."

PS: Tetrazepam Tbl. Amoxicillin Tbl. Metronidazol Tbl. Ciprofloxacin Tbl. 5 Tagesdosis iv-Antibiose (zB. Unacid) 10 x 500 NaCl 0,9% 10 Braunülen Ibuprofen 600 Tbl 10 x Metoclopramid Amp. 2x Lidocain 1% 100 ml 20x Triam 20mg zur ia. Injektion Hautdesinfektionsmittel (Kodan) 1x Sterile Kompressen 1x unsterile Kompressen 10 elast. Bandagen Lutschtabletten Erkältungen Antazida ( Bullrichsalz) 50x 2ml Spritzen 50 x 5ml Spritzen Schmerzöl ( anstelle Voltarensalbe) Antimykotische Hautsalbe Antisept. Salbe (Betasalbe) Vaginalzäpfchen Canesten+ Salbe 2 x Schwangerschaftstests Urinstix ( Bakterien, Zucker etc. semiquantitativ) 3x resorbierbares Nahtmaterial 4/0 u. 5/0 5x Einmalskalpell Nadelhalter chir. Pinzette

Gruß Regina und Sven