Written by Dr Sonam Rinchen, Peter Cerveny
Published: 01 March 2019

Heart-OP at Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Hospital
06.Jan. 2019: KHCP is happy after the successful heart-OP of a young nun of Shangpa Rinpoche's KIBS in Kathmandu...

"She is from Chumnubri Village development committee, Gorkha which takes around 4 days to reach her home, 3 days of walk and 1 day of drive from Kathmandu!
The responsibility of caring and bringing a new hope, renewal, and new life into this beautiful world is one that cannot be taken lightly.
We have successfully operated our little nun from Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies (KIBS), Kirtipur. She had been suffering from ASD Secundum (congenital heart disease). She successfully underwent the open heart surgery for the ASD closure.
I sincerely appreciate Prof Dr. Kim Woong-Han and his team from Seoul National University. Dr. Roben and his team, Dr. Sangina and her anaesthesia team for their dedication and contribution of about 5 hours making this possible. Dr. Anish and his pediatric team continuously following up her even after the surgery showing her ropes which makes her to be strong and believe in herself.

Many thanks to H.H. 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and Shangpa Rinpoche for the blessing, Kagyu Institute Buddhist Studies (KIBS), Pia Cerveny, Peter Cerveny for continuous advice and generosity and all the supporters of KHCP-Karmapa Healthcare Project.
Dr Sonam Rinchen"

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  • KHCP Dental Followup Treatments at Dhulikel HospitalAnaesthesiologist team in actionKHCP medical center within the Sharminub complex
  • khcp heart op dhulikhel hospitalThe young girl arrived at Dhulikhel hospitalkhcp heart op dhulikhel hospital

  • KHCP Dental Followup Treatments at Dhulikel HospitalDr Anish and team evaluating the heart before OP (by Ultra sonic)KHCP medical center within the Sharminub complex

  • KHCP Dental Followup Treatments at Dhulikel HospitalChecking further images before OPKHCP medical center within the Sharminub complex

  • dental center DhulikelOpen heart operationKHCP DHKUH-dental team with some habitants of Sharminub

  • dental center DhulikelThe happy young lady after OPKHCP DHKUH-dental team with some habitants of Sharminub


  • khcp heart op dhulikhel hospitalUltra sonic control of the heart after OPkhcp heart op dhulikhel hospital
  • khcp heart op dhulikhel hospitalPost operation discussion of the OP-doctorskhcp heart op dhulikhel hospital