Written by Peter Cerveny
Published: 09 February 2010


We travelled on to Rumtek, using the Shedra's jeep. Karma Sherab accompanied us, gradually becoming a "KHCP-attendant".
We visit our three institutions:

KHCP-Tour Stopover #3 - Karmapa´s nunnery:
With Ani Minyur and Ani Tsültrim, we discuss the project's realisation.
Great result: the nuns will join the first medcamp in Rumtek. They would like to consult the other institutions and support each other in the process.

At least all institutions have agreed to compile a profile for the website, which we will report on later.
Then, we carry on to
Stopover #4: Shamar Rinpoche´s school
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  • KHCP Karmapas nuns in RumtekKarmapas nuns in RumtekKHCP Karmapas nuns in Rumtek

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  • KHCP Karmapas nuns in RumtekKHCP-talk with Ani TsültrimKHCP Karmapas nuns in Rumtek
  • KHCP Karmapas nuns in RumtekAni Minyur (head of the nunnery) enjoys receiving a new photo of KarmapaKHCP Karmapas nuns in Rumtek
  • KHCP Karmapas nuns in RumtekShowing films on KHCP's workKHCP Karmapas nuns in Rumtek


Stopover #4:

We arrive at Shamar Rinpoche's school during the 8day Mahakala puja.
Although everyone is very busy, we find some time to make joint progress in the KHCP-project. We agree on a small medical camp is to be held this year as well.
What is a medical camp?
The students organize themselves medics: a general practioner, a dentist and - if requested - a traditional tibetan medic. This is to ensure that all participants can examined and if needed also be treated.
This measure does not only target preventive health care, it is also to train social competencies and self-responsiblity.
Karma Mama and the master of discipline exchange experiences with us and of course, the activity is also supported financially by the KHCP.

  • Shamarpa house with the school building in the backgroundShamarpa's house, with the school building in the backgroundShamarpa house with the school building in the background


  • KHCP handing over photosWe handing over photos...KHCP handing over photos
  • KHCP handing over health money...and health money for 2010KHCP handing over health money
  • KHCP attend the Mahakala puja...and attend the Mahakala pujaKHCP attend the Mahakala puja


Stopover #5 - Nedo Kultrum Rinpoches school:

Recently renovated and expanded, the school with it's 20 children is led by teacher Tophden. During our visit, Rinpoche was away, staying at the KIBI, where he performed the Great Mahakala puja for Karmapa.
We agree on purchasing a water purification system and link up the location with Shamar Rinpoche´s school for a joint medical camp.

  • KHCP Nedo Rinpoches schoolNedo Rinpoches schoolKHCP Nedo Rinpoches school
  • KHCP Topdhen take over a recent photo of KarmapaTopdhen take over a recent photo of KarmapaKHCP Topdhen take over a recent photo of Karmapa
  • KHCP Tashi the bear...and Tashi the bearKHCP Tashi the bear


  • Thankha painter Norbu s studioThankha painter Norbu's studioThankha painter Norbu s studio
Stopover #6 and #7 - Studio of Norbu and Mahakala room Rumtek
We meet with thankha-painter Norbu and his family.
This fits with Mahakala time. Norbu is currently directing renovation work of the Mahakala room within the old Karmapa gompa in Rumtek.
  • KHCP In the Mahakala room with one of Norbu s western painting studentsIn the Mahakala room with one of Norbu´s western painting studentsKHCP In the Mahakala room with one of Norbu s western painting students