KHCP-Film Presentation/Works Meeting at K.I.B.I. in New Delhi/India


We arrive in Delhi on the day before Losar, Tibetan New Year. It is the last Mahakala-day. In the KIBI, Nedo Kultrum Rinpoche directs the ceremonies.
During our tour, a lot of new questions had arisen and so, we are very glad that Karmapa could take some time to make decisions on the orientation of KHCP.
KHCP will be even more of a focus of our activities.
Shamar Rinpoche is also present. During a meeting with him, we report on KHCP-acitvities in his schools. Rinpoche emphasize that we show Karmapas social activities through this project and he encouraged us in building up this work. He is particularly glad about plans to extend medcamps to the local population, living near the Shedra. He is even enthusiastic about plans to collect good second hand clothing in Europe for distribution in the Himalayas via KIBI.
In a short talk with Nedo Kultrum Rinpoche, we discuss the new water purification system and the medcamp planned in his monastery in Rumtek.

It is the eve of Tibetan New Year. All KIBI-students and friends join the festivities with Karmapa, Shamarpa, Nedo Rinpoche, Prof. Sempa Dorje, Khenpo Tsering Samdrup and all other Khenpos and Lamas.
Dawa, Kerstin and Silke organize a KHCP-presentation, showing films and pictures on Losar evening. We also intruduce our plan to collect clothes. Spontaneously, some students volunteer to donate and raise funds for the school in Ladakh.
Meanwhile, all the goods have arrived via Kalimpong.
Since the KIBI is also a Karmapa institution here in Asia, we offer to support a decalcification system on KHCP-funds. The proposal was happily accepted and will promote the health of all KIBI-inhabitants.
  • KIBI Losar KIBI Losar
  • KIBI LosarH.H.Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje und Kunzig Shamar RinpocheKIBI Losar

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  • KIBI Shamar Rinpoche giving teachingsShamar Rinpoche giving teachingsKIBI Losar Shamar Rinpoche giving teachings
  • KIBI Final celebration of Losar at the KIBIFinal celebration of "Losar" at the KIBIKIBI Final celebration of Losar at the KIBI
  • KIBI Presenting the KHCPPresenting the KHCP workKIBI Presenting the KHCP