First Medical Camp in Rumtek/Sikkim/India
A joint campaign of the 3 institutes - Karmapa´s nuns, Karmapa´s monks and the monks of Nedo Rinpoche

Venue: Shamar Rinpoche’s house in Rumtek
(1470m altitude)
Date: April 20, 2010

During our last visit in February in Rumtek we agreed with the 3 institutes to have a joint medical camp in this year.

Then the right chance appeared - Bettina was travelling for some days to Rumtek and was so kind to take over the organisation of that camp.
Here is her report:
Tsewang (teacher of Nedo Rinpoches school) and Ani Tsultrim managed to engage Dr. Samjam Nand Wani from Central Referal Hospital in Gangtok.
Him being about 35 years old with a good attitude serving his country as a doctor since he got in Sikkim his whole education. He was very considered, asking direct and clear questions, if they had pains, skin problems etc., being respectful and gentle.
First he checked all the nuns, then Nedo Rinpoche and Lama Choying and all monks and in the end Shamar Rinpoches lamas and monks. He was checking pulse, eyes and sometimes blood pressure, ears, stomach, back. He wrote prescriptions for medicine when needed, and suggested to some people further checkups with a specialist. Every group was well prepared with a list of all the names and we made remarks of the health standard. Over 90 people were checked in 1 day at Shamar Rinpoche´s residence, including the cooks and helpers. It was a successful day starting with tea and a conversation with the doctor and ending with tea and cake. Everybody was happy and the monks and nuns feel well-taken care for.
Many thanks to Nedo Rinpoche, who was taking part in the organisation.

  • Shamar Rinpoche´s residenceShamar Rinpoche´s residenceShamar Rinpoche´s residence

  • KHCP Starting the checkupsStarting the checkupsKHCP Starting the checkups

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  • KHCP Karmapas nunsKarmapas nunsKHCP Karmapas nuns
  • KHCP Shamarpas classShamarpas classKHCP Shamarpas class
  • KHCP Nedo Rinpoche and his classNedo Rinpoche and his classKHCP Nedo Rinpoche and his class


  • KHCP Medcamp ShamarpaNedo Rinpoche and his classKHCP Medcamp Shamarpa
  • KHCP Nedo Rinpoche and Lama ChoyingNedo Rinpoche and Lama ChoyingKHCP Nedo Rinpoche and Lama Choying
  • KHCP Nedo RinpocheKHCP Nedo Rinpoche