Initial grand KHCP-Medical Camp in Bodhgaya, Kagyu Monlam Dec. 2008 (photo report)


  • KHCP Monlam Medical Camp KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 1:

After 28 hours on the bus from Kathmandu with our Tibetan Mönlam cooks we arrived in Bodhgaya today.
A quick visit to the Bodhi tree and then it’s off gathering strength for the coming days.

We are also going to meet Lama Chöpönla with we will also talk about the Mönlam photo documentary
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampMore than 1,000 tormas for the Mönlam altar around the stupaKHCP Monlam Medical Camp

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Day 2:

Already since back in Mai 2008 we have discussed and coordinated our medical-camp idea with Karmapa and Sharmapa.
With the great help of the Mönlam commitee we can do all the necessary preparations for our doctor and helper team in only a day. We get a clinic room as well as various helpers.
Furthermore, the equipment for the three film nights has to be put in place.

We introduce the KHCP to Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, the head of the household, and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche.
He tells us that he is planning to build a clinic room for the Bodhgaya season behind his monastery in the medium term. He is glad about our offer to develop this project with expertise from Europe.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampThe Mönlam programme with “KHC Project” as well as the film nights being advertisedKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampJamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche and Beru Khyentse RinpocheKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampTogether we go to the Bodhi treeKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 3:
  • Arrival of our group from Germany. We introduce all to Beru Khyentse Rinpoche.
  • After that we continue to the Mönlam committee. The director Mr. Tsering is of great support to us.
  • During the afternoon the clinic room in the large Nyingma monastery is equipped (3,000 of our monks and nuns who took the journey live here). In addition a medical emergency tent will be set up right on the premises where the Mönlam takes place.
  • In the afternoon all local pharmacies will be checked for medical supplies potentially in need of restocking.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampOur clinic room is being equippedKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


Our service at the Bodhi tree

  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampKarmapa opens the Mönlam festivities in the Bodhi stupaKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 5:
Opening of the Kagyu-Mönlam festivities.
Over the next seven days Gyalwa Karmapa and Shamar Rinpoche and plenty thousand of practitioner are making good wishes for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The KHCP provides medical checkups at the same time.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampOur medical emergency tent next to the Bodhi treeKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


Medical room in the Nyingma-Gompa

  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampTreatments in the clinic roomKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 6:
During the whole Mönlam period medical camps are being operated at various places.
Many people from all sites helped with translations, many other tasks and also monetary donations. Many also brought high-quality medicine – thanks to you all and especially the KHCP-team of nine.
Overall we were to be able to reach more than 4,000 people.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampEvening preparations for next dayKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampKHCP-open-air cinema ...KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical Camp... in the Nyingma monasteryKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
At the same time Peter projects our photo/film documentary against a wall of the Nyingma monastery, where 3000 Kagyü-friends are beeing hosted.
Today’s item on the programme:
Karmapa’s Europe Tour in 2007 with Lama Ole.
About 2,000 friends enjoy it.


  • KHCP Monlam Medical Camp KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 7:

Shamar Rinpoche has arrived.

In the evening, Marco, Udo and Pia examine the lamas in Beru Khyentse Rinpoche’s monastery.

Angelika examines Karmapa’s nuns from Rumtek in the Sikkim-House.

After that, the team was invited to the dinner of the Hong Kong-Bodipath group with Karmapa and Shamarpa.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampLamas are examined at Beru Khyentse Rinpoche´s placeKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampIn front of our hotel after a day’s labourKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampAnna and Pia pass out Tibetan medicine (Chudlen Rilbu) for all lamas and rinpochesKHCP Monlam Medical Camp

  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampKarma Tsultrim Tendar translates Tibetan/English for Annas treatmentsKHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 8:
The news about our camps has spread swiftly and demand for them is strong.
In the evening Peter is carrying out the second KHCP-film night. "Karmapa in France 2007 and Stupa Becske/Hungary".
In the mean time the institutes mentioned in our programme have been visiting us and brought us up-to-date. Brief report of our places:
  • Thakda/Darjeeling – the headmaster Lhungrik tells us that a child has to be operated. He will receive the money from Karmapa’s OP fund to cover the costs. This time around Karmapa gathered €2,000.
  • Rumtek/Sikkim – the nuns are receiving an additional €1,500 from a magnanimous donor to build other dormitory.
  • Ladakh – the local Western English teacher says that she is instructing the young monks in hygiene (Anyone who’s interested in doing this in the future, give us a shout!)
  • Kalimpong/West Bengal – already back in August a medical camp has been conducted by Karma Sherab. On top of that a water purification system is to be installed now. Khenpo Mriti gets a new laptop for his translations at the KIBI.
  • Swayambuh/Nepal – in the mean time the rooms here have been repainted. An English teacher was also found. Next week we will be visiting the old lamas which remained at home. Andreas and Norbert will take care of them with homoeopathic drugs.
  • Rumtek/Sikkim – Shamarpa’s small school here also gets a water purification system.
  • Rumtek/Sikkim - Nedo Rinpoche’s school – the headmaster made use of the medical camp to examine the small ones.


  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampThe young Tulku Chime Rinpoche with the "Big Ones"KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
Day 9:

In the morning Mönlam...

...and then the tulku enthronement in Beru Khyentse Rinpoche’s monastery.

In the late evening the Mönlam committee has invited our medical group for dinner with Karmapa and Shamarpa.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampKarmapa and Shamarpa during the enthronement"KHCP Monlam Medical Camp


Day 10:

  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampKarmapa teachingKHCP Monlam Medical Camp

Thus far we have examined a lot of people. People mainly catch the cold and acute infectious diseases at the moment, also Gyalwa Karmapa and Lama Tsultrim Namgyal were treated. The great benefit of such medical camps at big events became self-evident and was praised on all sides.

In the evening again presenting films and pictures Peter took during Mönlam.

After that we follow Nedo Rinpoche’s (Philippine centre) invitation. This produced good connections. Pia and Peter are going to show a Karmapa-film night in February for Rinpoche’s visit to the Philippines.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampAltar under the Bodhi treeKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


Day 11: Last day of the Monlam

  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampToday is the last Mönlam day with large offerings. Many make us of the medical camps up until the last minute.KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampTeam from r.: Anna Bach, Angelika Leist, Udo Hertes, Andreas Ebel, Stefanie Bauermeister, Marco Schaff, Pia und Peter Cerveny, Norbert AnwanderKHCP Monlam Medical Camp


Day 11: Evening after finishing the Monlam

  • KHCP Monlam Medical Camp KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
In the evening, Caty, Kerstin, Maggy, Pedro, Pia and Peter are invited by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche to a shared meal. A few friends from Hungary also joined us. Together with Ani Tenzin and Rinpoche, Caty is planning the DW plan for 2009.
  • KHCP Monlam Medical Camp KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
And we are discussing with Rinpoche the integration of his monks and nuns into the KHCP (in this context we like to refer to the KHCP sponsorships – with only €2,50 a month = €30 a year we can cover the complete medical needs of one person – thank you for your help).


Day 12:

Today everything’s dismantled and packed up. Everything’s going back to Nepal. There they will be stored in the Diamondway centre in Kathmandu for the next time. At the end the group sees Karmapa to give him a final report. Karmapa thanks the entire group dearly. We will continue next year. There is going to be a more detailed report for Karmapa in Karma Guen in May.
The next Medical camp in Asia’s going to be at ... Mönlam 2009. After that we say goodbye to Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. He also thanks us a lot and is looking forward to a continued cooperation.

Prospect of our visit to Bodh Gaya:
  • This was the first medical camp during the Kagyu Mönlam - more than 4,000 people benefited, all participants recognised its necessity, many connections formed, the Mönlam organisation invited the KHCP for next year. We will meet in advance.
  • We wish that more doctors from Europe and South-East Asia will take part.
  • In the course of the year we will talk with Beru Khyentse Rinpoche about the setting-up of a clinic room. He should be in Karma Guen/Spain in May. We are thankful for suggestions and ideas by doctors and also donations.
  • Karmapa is going to get an elaborated working paper in May in Spain.
  • Generally, lamas, who come to Europe, can be treated there by the KHCP.
  • We have been invited to many places all over the world to show our films.
  • In February 2009 we are accompanying Karmapa in Hong Kong, have a film night there and shoot a documentary for Europe.

We sincerely thank all participants again for this great activity. Special thanks to Mr Tsering, Lama Tamdinla, and Mrs. Tamding.
May it benefit all beings.
Pia, Peter Cerveny and the team of Karmapa´s Healthcare Project
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampGyalwa Karmapa and our first KHCP-medical team

    KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampBeru Kyentse Rinpoche and the team

    KHCP Monlam Medical Camp
  • KHCP Monlam Medical CampBye bye till next yearKHCP Monlam Medical Camp



We feel it is necessary to remind you that travelling costs can not be reimbursed. This is also the case for all helpers. All activities are carried out voluntarily and the full amount of donations is forwarded directly and personally to Karmapa’s monks and nuns and accordingly to KHCP projects in Asia. Should we make a profit from the photo and film projects, the money will also go into Karmapa’s project.