July 29, 2008: Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and the KHCP visits the Uni-clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf UKE

Welcome of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche by the doctors and assistants of the UKE. Rinpoche offers his book on Buddha Loveful Eyes and Lama Ole´s book „How the things are“.
After that happens a personal and private dialog about buddhism with the doctors and patients. The UKE invited Rinpoche to a profound preventive health check.
After the successful check up Rinpoche gave medicine buddhas to the doctors. Rinpoche agreed doing the next check in five years. He was very impressed about the enormous work the workers of the clinic doing. He thanks them very for their engagement to benefit the people and he said, also on the buddhist point of view it is a big expression of compassion.

The perspective for the future is very interesting. Intended is a dialog between science and buddhism with our Lamas and the professors of the UKE.

In the evening Rinpoche gave teachings about cause and effect also in Hamburg. It was organized by our Diamondway center Hamburg.

We thank to all participants for the successful day.
Pia and Peter Cerveny – Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

Addendum: Short notice from Hamburg, Dec. 2008

A fine connection emerged from Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoches visit at the UKE Uniklinikum Hamburg this summer. Management and doctors at this hospital want learn more Buddhism and its central ideas and views.
So, just before our departure, a small group of people from the UKE met with members of the Hamburg sangha in their centre. Already, a first lecture is planned for interested doctors and nurses in February 2009. Julianne Ferenczy is so kind to do this lecture.

Symposium with the working title: “Methods on how to deal with dying” from a Buddhist point of view.
We informed Gyalwa Karmapa and Lama Ole about it and they liked the idea.
We will continue to >> report.

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  • KHCP A gift for the checkup doctorsA gift for the checkup doctorsKHCP A gift for the checkup doctors

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