Annual Report 2011

Kiel/Germany, Feb 4 th, 2012

Dear friends of KHCP,
Karmapa’s Healthcare Project has been running for 6 years now and has become a well-organized association of volunteer teams working on diverse topics in different areas. How wonderful it is that KHCP can grow further with your support! Currently, 15 monasteries/schools of the Kagyu lineage are drawing benefits from KHCP’s activity. As new members of the KHCP, we are proud to welcome the monasteries in Pokhara/Nepal and Lumbini/Nepal, both running under the supervision of Shangpa Rinpoche. We are preparing to serve Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s Manang Gompa in Pokhara and our first visits to KIBI are being initiated. According to Karmapa’s wishes, KHCP continues to build the worldwide network of friends. Our approach of having medical and dental camps and teaching sessions on healthcare topics in the Himalayas has been successful so far and thus we will continue in the same fashion. This past year, our work provided more than 800 people with medical treatment and lasting preventive care in the institutes included in our network. The local population in the surroundings of the institutes served was included in our efforts, increasing the importance and understanding of our activity. The planning of the clinic room at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s in Kathmandu is taking form: the room has been made available and planning of medical equipment is underway. With the medical camps in India and Nepal we have reached many thousands of people over the year. We are especially happy about our increasing provision of dental care: with the help of our dentist Regina, we were able to transport and use professional dental equipment at the Kagyu Monlam and in the Himalayas.

New activity has evolved in cooperation with universities. Healthcare-students from the University of Wisconsin have toured nearly all KHCP institutes. Mutual experience connecting East and West will hopefully strengthen the activity of KHCP in the years to come. Furthermore, KHCP will be the subject of scientific investigations and dissertations in the near future.
We would like to extend special thanks to all institutes in the East: we had active helpers, translators and organizers in all places. Without their support and their understanding of self-help, we would not have come to where we are now. Whoever wants to join the activity of the KHCP is warmly invited to contact us. We need competence, joyful effort, and, of course, donations. Details about the KHCP and its work can be found at the website: and on
In the section „NEWS“ on the website, all important events of the past year are recounted, therefore only the highlights are listed here:

  • As every year, we were invited to present KHCP – the highlight was having an information booth in Hongkong      during Karmapas stay.
  • We thank Jigme Rinpoche, who has been recently appointed as Karmapa’s secretary - for allowing us to present KHCP in France over the past years.
  • The nuns at Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s nunnery in Kathmandu were provided with a water purification plant. We would also like to thank Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and his team who are always on our side helping.
  • Two portable dental units were purchased – we thank DTS Dental for generous pricing.
  • The students of Shedra in Kalimpong, in Takdah/Darjeeling und the institutes of Shamarpa, Nedo Rinpoche and the nunnery in Rumtek successfully ran independently organized medical camps.
  • Even at this time, courses on healthcare topics are being held in many places. A qualified medical team from Europe is visiting KIBI and other instates to provide treatment and give teachings.
    We thank Karmapa and Shamarpa for their continuous support and advice.
  • The highlight of the year 2011 was definitely the medical camp in Bodhgaya and the medical and dental-camp-tour to Pokhara, Jomson and Muktinath. Here we worked with a mobile dental treatment unit at 3800m altitude for the first time. We thank Shangpa Rinpoche for his personal support and excellent organization.
All taken together, more than 100 healthcare professionals and helpers from 9 nations and 3 continents were travelling to provide healthcare for more than 5000 people.
We are pleased to have found more friends and are hoping for further growth.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Rotaract/Rotary Club in Nürnberg for the donation of eyeglasses and the company Kunert AG in Immenstadt for providing warm socks for the monasteries on a regular basis.

Our motto: Healthcare - Education - Interaction

Warm thanks to all our friends worldwide! COME TOGETHER
Pia and Peter Cerveny and the team of Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V.