KHCP-Presentation at Rotary Club/Rotaract and new optical team

Venue: Maritim Hotel Nuremberg
Date: Sept 17, 2011

In 2010 KHCP for the first time was able to supply optical glasses to our friends at the Medicalcamp at Moenlam due to a donation by Apollo and Klemann. Roughly 100 glasses unfortunately were far from sufficient for the amount of interest there was.

Having heard of our work Rotaract, the Youth-organization of Rotary, started collecting glasses among the Members of Rotary in the south of Germany in Spring of 2011. Within only a few months they were able to collect the amazing amount of more than 1.500 glasses in excellent condition which were donated to KHCP on Sept.17 by Mr. Kütt (Photo) for Rotaract and Mr. Ficht for Rotary.

With all this glasses needing to be tested and distributed it soon became clear that we would need a team of opticians. We are happy to announce that we now have an initial team of 2 opticians who are already busy testing the glasses and will join the March 2012 tour to Delhi, Kathmandu and Ladakh to start distributing them. If you are an optician and wish to help or if you also have old, usable glasses you are welcome to contact us.
Mike Beck from KHCP-Team.

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  • KHCP and the Rotary Club membersKHCP and the Rotary Club membersKHCP and the Rotary Club members
  • KHCP The collected glassesThe collected glassesKHCP The collected glasses
  • Mike Beck (KHCP) and Jonas Kütt (Rotaract)Mike Beck (KHCP) and Jonas Kütt (Rotaract)Mike Beck (KHCP) and Jonas Kütt (Rotaract)