Public lectures for dentists in Austria with Dr.dent. Daniel Hess

Venue: Center for dental medicine Knittelfeld, seminar room
Date: 4.5./5.5./ 9.5. / 9.6.2012
Duration: 1.5 hours
Audience: dentists, sangha friends, acquaintances, and friends.
Lecture topic: Information on the KHCP project, dental and medical care support in Nepal and North India, social and geographic conditions of the region visited.
After the lecture, people had the opportunity to donate and were invited for a drink and some snacks.

"May I share my joy with you?”
"Hi you two!
May I share my joy with you? The initial three lectures were very successful. Almost 150 people attended (dentists, patients and others) listened to my report and enjoyed the slide presentation. Some of them even attended twice because they liked it so much! All the Tashi Bears found new donators, almost 2000€ donations came in and – very importantly – 6 new members signed up for or showed their interest in joining the next tour: 3 assistants, 2 Austrian dentists, 1 Czech dentist!
There is plenty of demand for more public lectures, I am looking forward to the next three lecture evenings.
Hugs, Daniel"
(Email by Dr.dent. Daniel Hess)
  • KHCP Presenting the work in the HimalayasPresenting the work in the HimalayasKHCP Presenting the work in the Himalayas

  • KHCP Presenting the work in the Himalayas KHCP Presenting the work in the Himalayas


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