Annual Report 2006

Berlin, March 05, 2007

Dear friends,
here a short travel- and activity-report about our Karmapa´s Healthcare Project.
We, Pia and Peter, traveled at to Kathmandu/Nepal *. In our luggage alot of red pullover and raincoats for our monks. Further Diabethes-Tabletts, bloodsugar measure devices and plenty of reading glasses, a big asortment of Antibiotica and pain-and inflamationavoiding medicaments.
First location was the Maharvihar of Swayambunath in Nepal – at that place all monks were busy by preparing the Great Mahakala Puja (Ritual). We were happy finding all children monks in good and healthy conditions. Meanwhile one of the old Lamas had to be operate. Fortunetly it could payed by our budget. The water problem we recognized last year could also solved with help of our budget. Lama Tamdingla, principle of the school, ordered to buy a pump-system for the water supply. Then together we watched the photos of our last visit and had alot of fun. After that we together decided what is useful to do now: the children rooms have to be painted, new matraze, wool cavers and towels have to be buy.
The following two weeks until Lhosar (Tibetan New Year) Peter was invited to make a photo documentation of the Great Mahakala Puja.
At the same time Pia travelled to Kalimpong/Westbengal. There she met all leaders of Karmapas´ institutes. From the school in Tackda/Darjeeling Karma Lungric received 500€. With this money they are able to buy every needances for heathcare (also clothes, socks, shoes etc.).
The nuns from Runtek get 1000€ especially for TBC-desease and Diabethes-prevention and water supply.
Shamarpa's school in Rumtek got also 500€ for medicine and prevention.
The students in Kalimpong reported about their successful second TT-vaccine in August 2006 – here we like to thank our young doctors Deborah and Christian from Lübeck and Karma Sherab for their activity.
Last year 20 of 80 monks went to the local dentist. We lift up their budget with about 1000€. Additionally we donate some extra money for buying petrol for the generator. 200€ we put into the kitchen cash box for buying vitamins. The students wish to buy a new computer and we will supply it. A scanner we already donate last year. For the next visit we discuss for a new professional washing machine – but only for the towels and bed cushons (since 2500 years monks have to wash her robes by hand).
At least we thank Ulli und Sabine (Himalayahilfe) for bringing further 500€ to Ladak for our healthcare account there. We have promised to visit them personally as soon as possible.
Karmapa got 4000€ for eventually operations. We should realize that a small operation costs about 150€. So with such a sum we can move a lot.
Pia travelled back to Kathmandu with Lama Chöpönla and Lama Nyima from France. Together with Peter we all did the „Three-Stupa-Pilgrimage“ in that area. Lama Tschöpenla was so kind to check all the Mahakala-photo material that Peter did in the last years. He told that we will get further explanations in the next meetings. Karmapa likes and allows to present the public documentation on the Great-Mahakala-Puja in our buddhistic centers and monasteries in Europe.
Now we are back to Berlin and for sure we will meet on any Lama Ole-course.
Best regards by Pia and Peter Cerveny – Karmapa´s Healthcare Project.

* Important: all travel costs are never payed by donations