Written by Pia Cerveny
Published: 10 March 2008

Annual Report 2007

Kiel/Germany, March 2008

Dear friends of Karmapa’s Healthcare Project (KHCP),
This is our latest report on a year that has been most exciting. Gyalwa Karmapa came to Europe and, together with Lama Ole, visited us at many places, touching all of us deeply. It was in Karma Guen that Karmapa asked us to start a donation petition to help with the medical needs of Lama Tsültrim Namgyal after the earlier treatment of his stroke, for which 2500 euros needed to be collected. When visiting Amden, our Swiss friends learned of the project and immediately declared it a matter of priority for the Swiss sangha. With the help of the Hamburg sangha and many other friends the task was accomplished in no time and with some money to spare, it was generally agreed the surplus should go into the other projects of the KHCP.
It was October when Peter paid a KHCP-visit to the Mönlam festival in Bodhgaya, an excellent opportunity to meet with directors of all institutes as well as many lamas. We supplied spectacles, medicine, many pictures of our documentary on "KARMAPA in EUROPE", and money for projects coming up. Our friends in Asia shared greatly in the joy about Karmapa's and Lama Ole's work in Europe.
As early as January we returned to India and Nepal for our annual visit.
First to Kathmandu/Swayambuh, where we supplied financial support for many of the very old lamas and gave photo reports of Karmapa in Europe and the Mönlam festival in Bodhgaya. Sharmapa's monastery got a first-aid kit, and Pia gave instructions on how to use it.
The nuns of Sherab Gyaltsen's monastery in Kathmandu also received a first-aid kit, some measuring instruments for diabetes, pills, and many spectacles from Germany.
The journey continued to Kalimpong for Losar, the Tibetan New Year. There we met all the representatives of all the institutes and monasteries and supplied medicine and money for

  • Nedo Kultrum Rinpoche and his small monastic school - we agreed with Lungrik from Takhda/Darjeeling to establish a medical camp for basic checkups for the little monks (children)
  • Ani Miniur and her nuns all went to see the dentist during their visit in Kalimpong
  • Karma Sherab is also in the process of organising a medical camp. All students are to be examined and to see a good dentist. We gave him a second-hand digital camera to record all the activities so that we in Europe can partake.
  • Ulli and Sabine of the Himalaya-Hilfe are also travelling the Himalayas. They are delivering KHCP-healthcare money to Ladakh and Sikkim.

Finally we told Karmapa that Karmapa's Healthcare Project is gaining more and more support in Europe. We told him that we are shooting a documentary film with interviews to advertise KHCP and document a pilgrimage through the Himalayas to him, to serve as an inspiration for all to visit him in Kalimpong. He smiled nicely and nodded his head.

We sincerely thank all contributors and supporters in Europe, Pia and Peter Cerveny

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