Annual Report 2008

Kiel/Germany, March 2009

Dear friends of Karmapa’s Healthcare Project (KHCP),
We like to present this year’s annual report as we do every year in March.
We already told you last summer about our activity with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. He was invited to undergo a healthcare check in the University Hospital UKE Hamburg and seized the chance to visit the palliative ward as well. Some interesting prospects have come out of it, i.e. an exchange of experiences between Buddhist views and the medical personnel of the university hospital.
In August, we checked all of Karmapa’s lamas with the support of our sangha doctors in the Europecenter. That was very sensible as the means at our disposal here in Europe are so much better than in Asia – something we want to do this year again. Everyone who participated, in France and Germany, thank you for your help!
In the mean time, our monks, i.e. Karmapa’s students, in Kalimpong have conducted their first self-organised medical camp with doctors and dentists at the Shedra.
In December, we did the big medical-camp campaign at Kagyü Mönlam. Our doctors travelled with us to Bodhgaya to give medical care at the Mönlam, around the clock, for one week. It was a huge success. More than 4,000 people received help. Help came from all continents, and translators and donors came forward promptly. Karmapa, Shamarpa and the host Beru Khentse Rinpoche and the Mönlam committee have given us all their full support. The medcamp is to become an integral part of Mönlam. There are already plans to build a small clinic room.
All institutes participating in the KHCP were represented at the Mönlam, so it was easy to talk to all of them and help them.
The Shedra in Kalimpong and the school in Rumtek will get a water purification system.
From Bodhgaya we went to Kathmandu where we now have a new KHCP member. Thanks to Karmapa´s approval Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche is now also a member participating in the programme. First the 90 children of his school in Kathmandu and, as soon as our means will allow it, other friends as well. All the children were examined, treated and educated in healthcare. We provided 5,000 euros for the basic equipment, like a washing machine, more linen and clothes for their bodies; from now on a nurse is coming regularly to help. Healthcare thus has a more solid fundament. Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche has supported greatly and was very happy.
We offered an examination at the Mahavihar Swayambhu which was received well. A generous donation from Spain made it possible for us to supply all of them with warm new robes. There is a wish for all the children there to receive more English lessions. A lively English teacher from Hungary has been found, and she is already teaching successfully.
The next stop was Hong Kong where we officially introduced our latest staff addition for the KHCP to Karmapa. Tashi The Bear is our new promotion manager now. Those who assume a healthcare sponsorship for a year, i.e. pay a minimum of 30 euros per year, get a thank-you Tashi. Please contact us via email or personally. It will be his job to bring joy to people and children everywhere. As so much new development has taken place this year, we ask you to check our blogs from time to time here on this website. There is also a small Tashi blog for the older and younger children. Enjoy!
As we have already discussed with Karmapa last year, KHCP travel reports should give a broader understanding and strengthen the ties between the East und the West.
We thank all donors, helpers, our translators and our team of doctors for their idealistic work from the bottom of our hearts. We are glad to grow. If you want to help just give us a shout. May it benefit all.
Kind regards Yours, Pia and Peter Karmapa´s Healthcare Project (KHCP)

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