Tharpa Choeling - Shangpa Rinpoche´s Nunnery and Buddhistic School in Muktinath,Mustang/Nepal

The Tharpa Choeling Nunnery is located in Muthinath, a small town in the District of Mustang within the Himalayan Mountains, 3802 m above sea level on a site occupied by the ruins of the former nunnery built by the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche.
Currently, there are about 40 nuns (Tibetan: Ani) staying at this nunnery. Despite the hard living conditions, the nuns maintain a simple and disciplined life. In order to provide these nuns with opportunities for education, Shangpa Rinpoche initiated the construction of a school which was completed in 2005. Qualified teachers are hired to teach the nuns philosophy and other basic educational subjects.
As the nunnery is located in a rural area away from the city, living and accommodation expenses have to be provided for the teachers. These, together with a teaching allowance commensurate with the teacher's qualifications, will require a substantial amount.
Since Dec. 2011 the nunnery is supported by KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project.


  • The nunnery in Mustang 3802m ASLThe nunnery in Mustang, 3802m ASLThe nunnery in Mustang 3802m ASL
  • Shangpa Rinpoche and his nuns and the KHCP-teamShangpa Rinpoche and his nuns and the KHCP-team
    Shangpa Rinpoche and his nuns and the KHCP-team