Last Updated: 23 August 2015


Policy and Service list of the KHCP

1.) Medical prevention and services

2.) Education:

The KHCP aims at autonomy of the institutes, i.e. we offer medical training to interested non-specialist persons:

Anyone who is interested in these possibilities should talk to one of our physicians when they visit, and then corresponding suggestions will be developed.
For example, a socio-medical month at Dhulikhel Hospital can be offered for learning.

Social Work and Monastery Life
The KHCP is happy when monasteries and schools continue to also help the poor local population

Any institute that wants to make use of this fundamental offer is asked to become a member of the KHCP fund, because this is the only way to participate. We ask you to offer accommodation and food free of charge to the doctors and helpers who visit you and help on site.

The school and monastery principals and the student council should discuss membership in advance, so that there will be a mutually shared attitude and motivation.

100% of the donations go to this fund and can be requested and used according to the above modalities.


Policy concerning to all volunteers of the medical camps of KHCP.

Dear friends and volunteers of KHCP,
we have some important information for you concerning health and travel insurance if your participate any of the KHCP  medical camps in India or Nepal.
Please make sure that your travel insurance covers all costs in case of sickness, return to your home country and death. We also advise you to have an insurance that covers cases of ocupational disability and an ocupational liability insurance.
Peter and Pia as directors of KHCP advice you to do so.
Please, be responsable yourselves and be aware that KHCP is not liable for any of the above mentioned cases. We are also not liable for any visa issues or problems regarding the administration, accomodation, transport etc. in India.
KHCP is not a travel agency neither do we organize a group travel event.
With kind regards,
the board of directors of KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V.

Bitte beachten - für alle Helfer der Medizincamps des KHCP.

Liebe Freunde und Helfer des KHCP,

aus rechtlichen Gründen müssen wir Euch auf Folgendes hinweisen!
Bitte stellt sicher, daß Ihr alle eine Auslandskrankenversicherung für Indien bzw. Nepal mit Rücktransport bei Krankheit und Tod habt. Sicherlich wäre auch eine Berufsunfähigkeit und internationale Berufshaftplicht wünschenswert.
Peter und ich haben als Vorstände des KHCP darauf hingewiesen und raten es Euch dringend an.
Bitte seid selbstverantwortlich, denn das KHCP und sein Vorstand übernimmt keine Haftungen, auch nicht für Probleme wegen Visas, den örtlich Administrationen, Unterkunft oder Transporte.
Es handelt sich nicht um eine Gruppenreise. KHCP ist kein Reiseveranstalter.

Alles Liebe,

der Vorstand des KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V.